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Modular Kitchen Shutters

Fresh, vibrant and colorful, modular kitchen shutters are the flavor of present age modular kitchens. With so many materials available, home owners have a range of choices available for their kitchens. People have moved on from white and beige and have been experimenting with lime green, purple and other colours as well.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Shutters, Guwahati
Modular kitchen retain the traditional and authentic appeal with the installation of solid wood shutters. These offer the best of both the worlds by offering the convenience of modular shutters with the benefit of old world charm. People prefer solid wood shutters for the kitchen to carry the tradition passed on to them by their forefathers. Homemakers love preparing meals in kitchen with solid wood furniture as it reminds them of the kitchens of the grandmothers. Besides appearance, solid wood shutters are durable and stand the test of time. They are known for their longevity and hence, chosen over other materials for modular kitchen shutters.

PU Coated

PU Coated Shutters, Guwahati
Polyurethane coated or PU coated shutters are preferred for modular kitchen to give a unique high-end glossy finish to the interiors. They instantly brighten up the ambience while emanating an ultramodern appearance. Fabricated from world class MDF boards, PU coated shutters embellish the kitchen space with high quality and design. Home owners who love to create a great first impression prefer these shutters for their modules and cabinetry. Available in a variety of designs, PU coated shutters gel beautifully with the rest of the interiors to give a rich and modern look. Extremely sleek, the shutters are quite easy to maintain as well.


Membrane Shutters, Guwahati
Membrane has become one of the popular materials for furniture, especially for modular kitchen in contemporary homes. Used for both interiors and exteriors, membrane is an ideal option for modular kitchen shutters. Home owners who have not allocated huge budget for modular kitchen can choose membrane for shutters. They are not only affordable but also durable. Membrane shutters are easy to install and maintain as well. Available in a variety of designs, the shutters are resistant to household chemicals. This makes them perfect for modular kitchens. Light in weight, membrane shutters are alkali resistant, flame retardant and even resistant to corrosion.


Floral Shutters, Guwahati
Flowers are the best thing to brighten up anyone's day. As it becomes difficult to source fresh flowers every day, home owners can instead opt for flower inspired furniture for the kitchen. Floral designs on the shutters inspire people to prepare meals in a relaxed and calming ambience. Inspired from a variety of flowers present in the Nature, designers have been incorporating floral motifs on modular kitchen shutters. There is no limitation to colours, hues and designs when it comes to floral motifs. On top of that, home owners are not easily bored of floral shutters as they continue to inspire people with their form.


Acrylic Shutters, Guwahati
Acrylic is a strong plastic that is being readily substituted with glass shutters. Being low weight, acrylic shutters are easy to move around. They are flexible enough to shape and are impact resistant. As they are not influenced by sudden blunt pressure, acrylic shutters are ideal for kitchen settings. Stronger than glass, acrylic shutters require force for damages. The highlight of acrylic is that it is clear and hence, allows more lighting inside. It does not yellow easily and is low in budget too. Acrylic shutters are best for kitchen as they keep the things stored inside the cabinetry cool.


Laminates Shutters, Guwahati
Laminate shutters for the modular kitchen are available in a variety of designs that offer a realistic feel. Available in wood, stone or tile finishes, laminate shutters are designed to last. They are extremely durable and are resistant to scratches as compared to wooden ones. Laminate shutters are easy to install and hence, consume less time. Being budget friendly, laminate shutters have become a popular choice for home owners looking for affordable options for interior decoration. Laminate shutters are environmental friendly as they are not natural like wood or stone. They are even child and pet friendly, making them a perfect choice.
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